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Best Fix to Force Google Photos to sync photos to cloud

Introduction Here the topic explain about Best Fix to Force Google Photos to sync photos to cloud. Here the top most solution for all the photos on Google Photo app sync all the photo to the cloud. Best Fix to Force Google Photos to sync photos to cloud Step 1 By restarting the method is […]

Why do my download apps on play store say Download pending but never download?

Resolved Solution First thing you have to delete the cache data on your android device as per the tutorial below. Delete your Google Play Store data in Settings =>Let go to Settings => Apps or Application Manager =>Tab to Scroll down to all and then down to the Google Play Store =>Click the app details and choose the Force stop =>Click the app details and choose the Manage Space […]

How to Enable Developer Option on your Android Device

It is the very simple step to Root any of the Android Smartphone to do the process with help of it. It is very essential one to do it Now in your device, switch on USB Debugging Mode from Settings => Developer options. For your reference how to enable the developer options… => Click the […]

How to get Zbigz premium Account May 2016 no survey

We are sharing Zbigz Premium Account for free now days. As, most of you need to download torrent files with IDM as U torrent gives low downloading speed, only way to increase the downloading speed of u Torrent is to download them through IDM. This premium account will access you to download favourite torrent files by IDM. Well, guys […]

How to fix the Text Message Memory Full Error

Today I received a comment in our query section about the Text message memory full issue that the error message seem to be common on the Android smartphones and tablets these days. When receiving this comment about the issue, you won’t be able to receive text new messages. The Messaging app doesn’t help to SD card external storage space to store more […]

Add Subtitle on MX Player While Watching: How to

There are lot of video players available for Android and my wish and favorite is MX Player, as the app lets you use the various options while playing videos. You can set your phone’s default player might be good, but you must give MX Player a try if you wanna some excellent features, such as adding on your favorite videos. […]

Not Registered the Network on Samsung Android Devices: Fixed

Here I listed the best way to fix Not Registered On Network issue with Samsung smartphone or any other Android smartphone. This problem is when you are trying to call someone the error message arises “NOT REGISTERED NETWORK“. I was fascinated this issue in my Samsung smartphone, so I was working on this problem and trying to resolve this issue. After using long on this […]

How do You Enable Volume Press / Screen Touch to Capture pic on HTC One M8

By default method, you need to click the shutter key to capture pictures on HTC One M8, but you can also click the volume key or touch to capture as 2 easier best alternatives. To enable these 2 alternatives, do as follows: 1. Find Camera application 2. Click the 3dot icon and then find to Camera Settings by clicking the Gear Icon 3. Scroll to down and […]

How do You Enable One Handed Mode on Google Keyboard on Android

If you are using now the Google Keyboard as the default keyboard on your Android smartphone, you can be enable one handed mode on Google Keyboard on your Android smartphone to type with one hand, faster and very easier. To turn to off / turn on one-handed keyboard, do as follows on the Android smartphones: 1. Ensure you are […]

How do You Enable Safety Assistance on Galaxy S4

Safety Assistance you can send emergency message, picture, location to selected important contacts if an emergency situation if any unfavourly happens. Setup this new and fantastic feature on your Samsung Galaxy S4 to alert your important emergency contacts in all the emergencies To use safety intervention during an emergency, press long and hold the volume up and down buttons for […]

How Do You Access Android 6.0’s System UI Tuner

Android the new version Marshmallow has lots of advanced cool features, but aside from all the headline basic improvements, there are few tweaks under hood, too. The System UI Tuner is one such the secret — it’s easy to miss, but just pretty interesting to mess around and also doesn’t require rooting. First, slide your device’s notification tray […]

Best File Manager – Android ( ES File Manager )

ES File Explorer includes all the essential need of file management operations you would expect from a file managing essential control. It’s like having a file manager on the device. As well as the chances to see and manage the fully of your SD card or internal storage on your device, ES File Explorer simply access you to your device: Select and […]

How to fix Galaxy S7 Won’t Connect to PC

Your Galaxy S7 won’t connect to your Personal Computer? There are a few basic issues people run into while trying to get their Galaxy S7 to display up as an MTP device. Here listed a couple of them. 1. Check Cable on your Device Try a various cable if you can. Even few of the cables included with the smartphone can be […]

How to recover deleted photos on Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4

Unlike the contacts or texts, deleted pictures can be fully recovered safe with using the data recovery technology. Currently, there are a lot number of tools for that purpose to recover. My recommended tool is Androidphonesoft Data Recovery, which provides a advanced feature and flexibility in recovery process. Here listed the options about to recover the items […]

Edit Google Photos Movies: How to

This is a tutorial Part 2 in a series. Be here to check out Part 1: Step To Make A Google Photos Movie You could find a more advanced movie maker from Google Photos App. You can edit the various theme, different soundtrack, and another video clips length/order the Google Photos Movie, but I surely […]

Make a Google Photos Movie: How to

Movie maker from Google Photos is really incredible. Choose a some videos and also the pictures on your device, and Google Photos will automatically take out video clips from all the files filtered by itself and you can also add a soundtrack. you will getting a quality movie project in less than a single minute with really no skill required for […]

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with PC

Here the tutorial about to connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with your PC for transfer video files or music files. for your reference to use these steps. Microsoft Windows Users You must download the USB drivers for the Galaxy Note 5. After you download, just install it. But very advantage of MAC, their users don’t need to install any […]

Transfer Music to Kindle Fire: How to

This is hobby for all over android users to enjoy the tunes and transfer songs to the Amazon Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire access the files such non-DRM AAC, AMR, MP3, MIDI, WAV, OGG and MP4 file formats for listening music. There are a some of different ways you can be copy your music files over the device. One […]

Restart Locked Tablet on Galaxy Tab S2: Fixed

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 may be lock up and get unresponsive some times due to the over load of RAM use while playing hard level games. These devices are not perfect after all the time, and are prone to locked by themselves time to time. If you need to force restart your tablet (also known you a soft reset), then […]

Kindle Fire – Reset Hard/Soft: How to

Here the tutorial to learn how to reset the process such as soft or hard reset the Amazon Kindle Fire if you are experiencing such a problems as not responding error with the device. Just follow these steps. Soft Reset process A soft reset process will simply restart the Kindle Fire without any type of problem affecting the […]