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How to change screen overlay setting in Samsung J7 with marshmallow


Here the topic explain about change screen overlay setting in Samsung J7 with marshmallow.

in SETTINGS , APPS, APP MANAGER, tap the 3 dots at top right, tap MORE then look for APPS THAT CAN BE ON TOP.

There will be a list and a switch at the top to enable /disable screen overlay. Each App in the list can be turned on and off. If you poke around to much you can end up with errors for some apps about the permissions.

So don’t get happy and start turning a bunch of apps off. If you are getting an error message when opening an App that says to turn off screen overlay… It’s a glitch and I had the same thing happen… Ended up redoing all the permissions for all my apps and leaving screen overlay on.

Anyways good luck \U0001f60a I would suggest getting an App called DRIPPLER. It’s reads your phone to give you specifics about it and also news and tips and info about new apps. And if you have a problem like with screen overlay you can search drippler using key words.