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How to Connect Bluetooth On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus while face lot of Pairing Issues

Lots of people who Connect Bluetooth On Galaxy S8or Galaxy S8 Plus use it without knowing what the feature is or even how it works. The problem comes when the Bluetooth feature starts exhibiting some pairing problems and the users getting a bit eager to fix the issue themselves.

The ability to transfer data wirelessly between smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices is one of the features that makes Android such a cool operating system. We all agree that Bluetooth connectivity is such an awesome feature. So what happens when you cannot connect your device with other Bluetooth enabled devices?

Connect Bluetooth On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

If you are trying to connect a Bluetooth device to your smartphone for the first time, there are certain things you’ll need to consider such as whether that particular device matches the required Bluetooth profile. This profile is simply a common language that devices use to communicate. For a better understanding of the whole Bluetooth profile idea, try connecting your computer keyboard to your smartphone’s camera. Not possible, right? The explanation is that the phone’s camera does not support the Human Interface Device Profile. Alternatively, you can successfully pair a headset, a wireless model to your smartphone since both devices supports the Hands-Free Profile.

If for instance you had previously managed to successfully pair a device with your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus then it stops working suddenly, then it is very possible that you might be dealing with a user error. For such circumstances, we have gathered at least 12 different troubleshooting solutions.

Read our below guide to know how to Connect Bluetooth On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus Bluetooth pairing issues. The thing is, our tip number 12 might actually be your solution pick so take time and examine each tip precisely.


Step 1- try checking your Bluetooth status

It may be a case where you might have forgotten to switch it ON. Check whether you accidentally turned it OFF. Check out for the Bluetooth sign at the top of your devices screen. If you cannot locate it, open on Settings then activate it.


Step 2- try checking the user guide for the pairing procedure

It might be a case of one you using the wrong pairing procedure. Some devices don’t just connect through touching them physically. Some may even require that you type in a code on your device to activate the connection. For instance, the Bose SoundLink requires you to first hold down the speaker button before you can pair it with your smartphone.

You don’t have to memorize these procedures, that is why a user manual is always provided so you can have a check each time you require to.


Step 3- try activating the Discoverable Mode 

Most of the times when you wish to connect your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone with the in-built infotainment system of your car, you will be required to first activate the Discoverable Mode on your phone. Before using the hands-free navigation feature, texting or even calling, you will be required to first turn ON the Bluetooth on your phone and have the car’s infotainment system scan for all the nearby Bluetooth devices.

Once it detects your phone, a numeric code request then appears and this will officially pair the two devices. You only have to act fast as this feature deactivates itself in just a couple of minutes.


Step 4- try checking the distance between the devices

It is basic sense that any 2 devices that you are attempting to pair should be at a proximity of approximately 5 feet distance. If you probably got too excited and forgot about it, you can still ensure that the 2 devices are at a good pairing distance.


Step 5- try turning both devices OFF and then back ON

In other words, this is known as a soft reset. A very simple tip that actually works magic. Take each of the 2 pairing devices and turn them OFF. Let them remain like that for a couple of seconds before turning them back ON. The other great alternative for smartphone users is through activating and deactivating the Airplane Mode.


Step 6- try checking the battery level of your phone

Smart Power management can be such a pain in these circumstances especially if one of the 2 pairing parties has a low battery level. Try charging them both then try again.


Step 7- try deleting and reinitiating the connection

In the occurrence that your Galaxy S8 smartphone can find the device you wish to pair with but, for some reasons, a connection cannot be established, try deleting the data and start the process all over again.

  • On the iOS, simply tap on the device name and choose the option labelled as Forget the Device.
  • On the Android OS, press on its name then touch on the “Unpair” button

Check the 1st step of our tutorial and see how it goes.


Step 8- try performing a hardware/firmware update

This is the final fix that you can try out to help you solve the Bluetooth pairing issues on your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Bluetooth 4.0 version for example had well documented connectivity issues on numerous automobile audio systems. This issues were as a result of firmware incompatibility. As such, always check the manufacturer’s specifications for each device and find out how you can install a software update.