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How to Fix Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner not sensing


Here the best solution for Fix Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner not sensing your finger. Its very simple to fix with using the guide lines below mentioned

I have had my Galaxy S8 for only a few days now. I have been having this somewhat off-and-on problem where my finger sensor doesn’t sense anything: notification gestures, or fingerprints. The last time this happened (besides just a moment ago) , I had to restart the phone to get it working again. (Currently, the sensor isn’t working.) I haven’t read anything about this, so I am assuming it is actually a hardware-related thing, although it seems to me like a software issue (since it works okay sometimes, and seems to start working again (after having stopped) if I restart it). I would like some kind of solution to this, or at lead to have confirmation that it is not the hardware.

Fix Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner not sensing

I can confirm similar experience…

1. Phone was sitting idle for over an hour unused.

2. Attempts to unlock with fingerprint sensor acted as though sensor was dead (no response by phone, either accept or the “double vibrate” reject).  I have multiple fingerprints registered and none were responsive.

3. Unlocked phone with second level pin

4. Attempted to open banking app with fingerprint.  Again no response by phone at all (it was like the sensor event is not event occuring).  Had to login with password.

5. Reboot phone.

6. Fingerprint sensor operation restored (normal function).


So it doesn’t appear to be a hardware issue, I only rebooted the phone to restore operation.