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How to Fix Google Play Service Draining Battery Quickly on Android smartphones

Are you looking for a best solution for Battery drain problem on your Android Device by Google Play services? Google Play Service Draining Battery. Don’t worry, here the fix for this issue. Basically Google services always try to deliver better performance of your OS on device. So the big issue which is affecting your battery. […]

How to fix Google Maps timeline feature not working

Introduction Here the topic explain about Google Maps timeline feature not working and How to fix this issue. Google Maps timeline feature not working Try to connect the past timeline events, You will face encountered an awkward situation. It will say the error “Can’t connect to Maps, try again”. Does anyone know why did getting this error? […]

App Updates is running warning very often on LG G5

Now recent updates from Android devices faced the common problem which is App Updates is running message appear on the top screen of your device. App Updates is running This week I also upgraded to Android 7.0 on my device and since then, everytime I turn on the mobile data and enter or exit an app, this […]